Open Data Benefits

Dr David Tarrant · @davetaz

Data is the raw material of the new industrial revolution
- Francis Maude MP


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Trust and Transparency

Enabling the economy

MPs Expenses

McKinsey Report

‘$3 trillion potential annual value enabled by open data in seven domains…. Value can arise in a number of ways, including equipping workers with the skills to raise productivity, allowing marketers to micro-segment populations more successfully, and boosting performance across segments by sharing benchmarks, market data, and best practice information…’

Open Data: Unlocking performance with innovation and liquid information / Oct 2013

EU Benefit

  • 140bn euro per year benefit in EU
  • Cutting transaction costs
  • More Jobs
  • More consumers

Cross sector benefits

Social Data

trains Helps us get from A to B quicker

Open data can help make decision that affect our safety fire

Economic Data

gov_spending Open data reveals how countries spend (or underspend) their budgets.

Open data identified a £1bn industry - and changed how it was regulated. P2P

FT Coverage of SMTM
Lend Invest policy change

Environmental Data

Open data brings the evidence of climate change climate change

rosling Open data makes us aware of the impact we have on our planet

  • Public Services - innovation and savings
  • Civil Society - enables greater scrutiny
  • Private Sector - enhances services
Enables benefits across the economy
The biggest evolution of the web, since the web itself.

for everyone

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