Sam Pikesley

Sam Pikesley

Head Of Robots

Sam brings 10+ years’ experience as a Linux SysAdmin, and was doing DevOps before he even knew DevOps was a thing. He has worked at a number of startups, most recently amee where he helped to open up a substantial chunk of environmental data.

Sam likes to make things work right, and to make sure they stay that way. His current weapon of choice is Chef. Words such as “identical”, “repeatable” and “disposable” make him smile; phrases like “local modifications” and “insufficient tests” are wont to make him sad. While he loves to investigate new tools, he retains an unshakeable faith that Vim is the One True Editor. Sam has a passion for All Things Open - he is a contributor to the cucumber-chef project - and is an active member of the Cassandra London and Cleanweb London Meetup groups.

Sam has been playing with computers for far longer than he cares to recall, and when he’s not doing that he’s probably playing his drums.

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